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mesh editor and smooth angle

Started by fjl2007, January 20, 2016, 02:45:38 AM

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Unity 5.2.0f3 and mesh maker 2.0.1

Q 1: smooth angle value does not work.
1) add a skined mesh to scene
2) open mesh editor to edit any face position
3) result: the normal changed lose the smooth angle, and recalculate normals button does not work whit the value. console is empty

Look the arm and hand.



When editing an already smoothed mesh I would suggest going to the options and turning off the setting for "Update Normals". This feature uses the standard Unity functions to recalculate the normals based on the triangles orientation with no smoothing.

The Smooth Angle is for when using the Smooth Selected Triangles feature. After you have modified your skinned mesh and you need to smooth over or update the normals of an area you can change to triangle mode, select the changed triangles, set the smooth angle and then click on the Smooth Selected Triangles button. If the model uses shared vertices there also may be a problem where the program updates the other triangles and leaves them in a faceted state, to fix this you can select all of the triangles before using the Smooth Selected Triangles option. This should produce a nicely smoothed model with the same quality as the original.

I hope this helps with your model editing, if you have any difficulties or suggestions please let us know.