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Quick Way to select all triangles on an object?

Started by Zaddo, July 16, 2015, 08:28:26 AM

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I have a scene that is basically  one big mesh.  it has a child for each material, but that means that when I select an object it selects all areas in the scene that share that material.  eg, timber material, door frames, table, stairs, etc. 

Is there an easy way to select an area on the mesh and delete it? Eg, a lamp post. This may have several materials and hundreds of triangles and the materials will be shared across many items on the mesh, so you can't just select the material and delete it. is it possible to sumhow drag around the lamp post to select it?

PS: I just followed your personal web page link from your Unity profile and saw that you a fellow Aussie :)   It is amazing how many Aussie's you come across in the Unity community.


Hi Zaddo,

It sounds like a job for Mesh Cutter. After you have locked onto the mesh you can hold down the Ctrl key to drag a selection box around the lamp post, you may need to position the camera carefully to avoid selecting other triangles. Once you have selected the triangles you want then you can choose Cut Mesh or Delete Selected from the options.

p.s. We must all have good taste :)