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Prefab Maker textures mucked up

Started by tezza, June 19, 2017, 08:53:28 PM

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Hi. I am trying to use Prefab maker in a fairly simple fashion but the output is corrupt.

I select my objects (201) and then click Combine. I have not touched or edited any settings.

Yet the output has inconsistencies. I have attached a detailed picture of the original versus what your tool creates.

Please see that the textures bleed, are on half and other problems.

I am on Windows 10, Unity 5.5.2f1. Version 15 of Mesh Maker, downloaded 2017-06-19.


Hello Tezza,

Thank you for using Prefab Maker. From the pictures I would say that the objects are using tiled textures, or at least texture coordinates that are outside of the range of 0 to 1. Prefab Maker isn't able to atlas these as it uses standard texture coordinates and cannot handle the tiled textures.

Would you be able to try a test with a couple of textured cubes or similar objects to see if this is the case?



I checked and the textures have no tiling and all the coordinates are between 0,1

Would it help if I transmitted the mesh to you so you could investigate with your own tools or debug settings ?