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CSG.dll appearing in the build

Started by superstar, April 09, 2017, 01:16:21 AM

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Hi Alan,

Mesh Maker 2.8.1

I just did a build and noticed that the "CSG.dll" file is automatically included as it appears in the "Managed" folder of the build.

Is it possible to exclude this dll file?

Or, maybe if CSG is not needed, is it OK to not install it?  Do other Mesh Maker tools require this dll?

Just trying to exclude unnecessary files for the build output.

Thank you


Hi Superstar,

Thanks for letting me know as I wasn't aware of this.

The quickest way for now should be to create a folder called 'Editor Default Resources' in the folder with the DLL file and drag the DLL into this new folder.

According to the website here at ( this should prevent it being included in the build.

I have done this and tested the CSG functionality in the editor, which worked, but haven't tried a build yet. If this works as a permanent solution then I will add this to the next update.



Thanks for the reply Alan.

I have tried the folder 'Editor Default Resources' within the folder of the DLL file and placed the CSG.dll inside it, but the build still includes it.

Reading further on the website that you have linked earlier, it mentions that the folder 'Editor Default Resources' should be directly under the top Assets folder.  So thus, I tried "/Assets/Editor Default Resources", and the CSG.dll file was still included during the build.

Testing further, I may have discovered a provisional solution, but please confirm.  I noticed that the file "RuntimeCSG.cs" depends on a class "CSG", which assuming belongs to the CSG.dll.  And as a result. that could be the cause of why the CSG.dll is forced to be included in the build output, even though it is placed in an editor related folder.
I had to place the following 2 files in an Editor folder for it to work, as shown below:

Can you confirm if the "RuntimeCSG.cs" can be used in an Editor folder in terms of Mesh Maker compatibility?

Looking forward to hearing your confirmation of the provisional solution, as described above.

Thank you


Thanks for letting me know how it went. I originally tried the 'Editor' folder solution, but forgot that I'd included the runtime script in this release, so it resulted in a bunch of errors.

Of course if you put both the DLL and the example script in the Editor folder then it will work. I guessed, and can confirm, that it won't upset the CSG utility or Mesh Maker since it doesn't refer to the monobehaviour script.

I've now done the same as you here and will put this out in the next update.



This is great news!

Looking forward for the forthcoming update.