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Mesh Maker 2.4: Error during build

Started by superstar, December 30, 2016, 06:42:08 AM

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Unity Pro 5.5.0p3
Mesh Maker 2.4

I just updated to Mesh Maker 2.4 and during a build (target platform is Windows), I received a message, "Error building Player because scripts had compiler errors"

To isolate this to see if it is the new version of Mesh Maker or not, I completely deleted the entire directory "MeshMaker" from the project, and thus, the build following was successful.

I also created a new empty project with an empty scene and only imported Mesh Maker 2.4, and the build stopped with the same error.  This even happens when Mesh Maker is the only asset in the Project.  This seems to happen only during a build.

Please see the attached screenshot with more details of the error message.

Can you confirm if this is happening during a build with the new Mesh Maker 2.4?




I see that the file that is causing the problem was an experimental class that isn't being used by the program. I had removed references to this class but forgot to remove the file. If you have a look at the Assets/MeshMaker/Files/LevelEditor/Event Handlers/ExposeToEditor.cs script you'll notice it is an empty class and won't cause any problems when deleted.

Could you please delete the whole folder called Event Handlers at the following location in the project Assets/MeshMaker/Files/LevelEditor/Event Handlers

The standalone version was submitted on the 14th of December and at any other time of year I believe it would have been accepted by now. I'm hesitant to submit an update for a new program because I have read that it will go to the back of the queue.

As soon as it goes live I will immediately submit the update with this fix and lots of new features for Level Editor. Thankfully an update of a package is reviewed much faster than a new program so the review time should only be a week for this.

Thank you very much for letting me know so I can prevent this from affecting everyone's build in future. It really helps to know how the programs are behaving in the field.

Best regards,


By deleting the directory that you have mentioned, the build now processes successfully.

Thank you for explaining the situation.  I do understand.

I am looking forward to all the forthcoming new features and updates.

Thanks again!