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Can meshmaker edit imported object?

Started by magma7247, December 26, 2016, 05:51:32 PM

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can meshmaker v1.5 edit imported object created by other 3d editor ?
second, does meshmaker able to change the imported object UV mapping type , such as changing the mapping to box faces ?


Hi Magma7247,

Yes, Mesh Editor can edit any mesh that has been imported into Unity. This includes skinned meshes and it preserves the animation, the only part of a mesh that it doesn't preserve is the blend shapes. This is coming in the next update for this program.

Mesh Editor also allows you to edit the UVs individually and combined as a triangle. As you work with editing, the textures can be set to update using planar mapping, but there isn't a feature for changing all UVs from one type of mapping to another.

I hope this helps, and in case you need only Mesh Editor it is sold separately on the store. Or you can get it along with 13 other tools in the Mesh Maker collection.

Best regards,