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Small textinputfield bug in Geom

Started by AndBje, September 04, 2016, 05:57:15 AM

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Hi! There is a small but irretating bug in Geom in the textinputfield for the point position. To reproduce:
1. Select a vertex and enter a value in the Point Position X-field. The vertex is updated immediately (great).
2. Select another vertex and note that the X-filed is not updated to reflect the new vertex position. (I guess it is not updated since it is still in edit mode - which is good so I do not need to select it again).

Otherwise av very handy tool :). Thanks. / Anders


Hi Anders, thanks for your feedback. This might be related to a bug in Unity I've found where a text field doesn't show new values if it is selected (in blue). I'll check this here but from memory I'm sure that it is updating the window.

Very glad you are enjoying the Geom program and I'm now working on a new freestyle modeling tool right now :)

Best regards,