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Mesh Painter not working

Started by toxatoxa, September 14, 2016, 03:52:52 PM

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Thank you for your Mesh Maker tools.    8)

I have the same problem as described at the below topic but can't fix it by changing the brush colour.

Below is my working space screenshoot.

Could you please help me?


Hi toxatoxa, thank you for checking out the program. I might have forgotten to add that the hotkey and mouse button have changed in the last update. The program now uses the Ctrl key and left mouse button to paint. If there are two colliders on the same mesh then it will fail so check this if you are having problems.

Another problem that I've noticed is that it may not save the painted meshes after entering play mode. Due to these reasons I decided to release Mesh Painter for free until I find the time to do a full rewrite.