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Support / Handle or Pivot point problem
September 21, 2019, 12:44:08 AM
Hi to all.
New here and my first post. Hello to everyone.
I am wondering if others have this problem?

EDIT. This is a "Mesh Editor" problem

After selecting the triangles or vertices that I want, I can then adjust the "Handle" position.
No troubles there.

Then I should be able to grab the handle and drag /adjust my selected triangles or vertices.
BUT..I am finding that when trying to drag/adjust the pivot handle I am also dragging triangles or vertices that are "behind" that handle !!
This happens when the Handle is positioned away from the selections.

It seems that by the act of clicking on and dragging the Handle, you also select the nearby triangles/vertices as well! Very nasty.

Any answers to solve this?
And I'm having trouble finding the "Revert button" that is mentioned in the tutorial?
Is it still there?

Colin in Australia.