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Update: While out of Unity, I manually precreated the UndoRedo folder, and as expected that cleared the error. I'll take your advice and precreate the other folder as well.
Quote from: MediaGiant on January 15, 2016, 06:23:55 PM
Hello, my apologies for this error, I will submit a fix for it tomorrow. In the meantime you can clear the showing of the Geom window by clicking on the Layout button in the top right of the Unity window and click on a default layout or choose Revert Factory Settings. This will stop Geom trying to start up and you can create the missing folder called UndoRedo in the MeshMaker folder.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience, for two years the empty folders were imported correctly from the store but now none of them are being imported. You may also need to create a "Designs" folder to fix the same problem with Construction.

The update should be ready to download in a few days.


Hi, Alan, and thanks for a stunningly fast reply! No need to apologize -- bugs happen, and as long as I can report it and you can fix it, we're good. :-)

I'll keep my eyes open for a patch, and please feel free to email me if you need me to regression test before it goes onto the Asset Store (with the caveat that I wasn't kidding when I said I am *just* starting to learn how to use Mesh Maker).

Again, thanks for the fast reply, and no worries. I'll patiently await the fix.
Hello, all

I'm brand new to Mesh Maker and using it for the first time in Unity 5.3.1f1. I've imported the asset (latest version) into an otherwise empty test project, intending to learn Mesh Maker in a non-production environment.

When I select "Geom" from the in-scene popup UI, the console is filled with an infinite loop of error messages complaining that the subfolder UndoRedo (within the MeshMaker folder tree) is not found. The window is displayed but empty, cannot be dismissed. Unfortunately, my attempt to manually create the needed folder fails because the looping code won't let me steal focus from the failed window. I even tried to do this from the command shell, but on Mac the o.s. "helpfully" {ahem!!!} forces focus back to a newly drawn window, and so I couldn't really background Unity. I finally had to bail out of Unity entirely.

I can probably work around this by manually pre-creating the subfolder before starting Unity, but I wanted to let you know about the problem.

As an aside, when trying to use Mesh Cutter on an existing imported test mesh, I see a lot of errors indicating that "the operation is not allowed due to the current state of the object". I'm not quite sure what Mesh Maker was trying to do at the time, and it's entirely possible that this one is pilot error on my part, since I am admittedly new to Mesh Maker. I mention it in passing, but the other error is clearly more important.