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Support / CSG.dll appearing in the build
April 09, 2017, 01:16:21 AM
Hi Alan,

Mesh Maker 2.8.1

I just did a build and noticed that the "CSG.dll" file is automatically included as it appears in the "Managed" folder of the build.

Is it possible to exclude this dll file?

Or, maybe if CSG is not needed, is it OK to not install it?  Do other Mesh Maker tools require this dll?

Just trying to exclude unnecessary files for the build output.

Thank you
Support / Mesh Editor: centering pivot
March 23, 2017, 01:40:54 AM

Unity Pro 5.5.2p2
Mesh Editor (included as part of Mesh Maker 2.7)

On some meshes, when I select the vertices and then go to "Pivot Point" and then press "Set To Center" it accurately sets to the center.  But, when I press the "Update", the pivot point then shifts away from where the center was intended.  I would retry again, and it would initially center, but when the update happens, it shifts away.  Each time that I do this, the pivot point gets closer to the intended center.  The work around I discovered was that I had to do this sequence of "Set To Center" and press "Update" multiple times until it reaches the intended center.

On many meshes, the centering works at the very first update, but on some meshes, the update just shifts the pivot point away from the calculated center.  I have also tried using the Mesh Tools and used the "Transform Pivot Point" and manually applying the position of the center, and the same effect of shifting happens.

Have you experienced something similar to this behavior before?  Or, maybe, it's something with the particular mesh itself?  Or, maybe I am not selecting properly?

Thank you

The current Mesh Editor is a very powerful tool.

I was wondering if there is a way to select adjacent triangles of the currently selected and add it to the currently selected?

Sounds like a complicated question :)  , but I will try to give an example to clarify.

For example, let's say there is a cube with a very high poly count rope wrapping around the cube (it's all one mesh).  I want to delete the entire rope from the mesh.  Through the Mesh Editor tool I would manually select all the triangles of the rope and then delete.  But, what happens if the rope contains 20K triangles?  I would have to make sure to select all 20K triangles before deleting, and if not, then there would be orphaned triangles after the delete.  All the orphaned triangles would have to be manually selected to be able to delete.  But these triangles can be so small due to the very high poly count that it would be very difficult to select every one of them if they are lingering in space.  Plus, the faces of the triangles can be in any direction due to the complex shape nature of a rope.

Is there a way to add adjacent triangles of the currently selected, to be included in the total selection?  Incrementally?  Let's say, if there was a button to add the adjacent triangles to the selection.  With each press of the button, it would incrementally add the adjacents to the selection, thus making the total selection grow each time.  This way, with just an initial selection of 1 triangle of the rope, each incremental add of adjacents to the selection can grow until desired.

I hope the above scenario makes sense.  I have encountered many complex meshes of which I am editing, and the above scenario is what is consuming a big chunk of my time.  If the features for Mesh Editor can solve the above example, it would be awesome!

Or, maybe there are already features of Mesh Editor available that I am overlooking?

Thank you!
Support / Mesh Maker 2.4: Error during build
December 30, 2016, 06:42:08 AM

Unity Pro 5.5.0p3
Mesh Maker 2.4

I just updated to Mesh Maker 2.4 and during a build (target platform is Windows), I received a message, "Error building Player because scripts had compiler errors"

To isolate this to see if it is the new version of Mesh Maker or not, I completely deleted the entire directory "MeshMaker" from the project, and thus, the build following was successful.

I also created a new empty project with an empty scene and only imported Mesh Maker 2.4, and the build stopped with the same error.  This even happens when Mesh Maker is the only asset in the Project.  This seems to happen only during a build.

Please see the attached screenshot with more details of the error message.

Can you confirm if this is happening during a build with the new Mesh Maker 2.4?


Support / Mesh Editor, warning message in console
December 29, 2016, 11:15:03 PM

Unity Pro 5.5.0p3

I don't know if this warning message is an issue or not, but in the Unity console, whenever the Mesh Editor tab is open, a message shows up in the console, "Serialization depth limit 7 exceeded at 'ceometric.ComputationalGeometry::MeshEdge._adjacentTriangles'. There may be an object composition cycle in one or more of your serialized classes."


Unity 5.5.0f3
Windows 7 64-bit

In the Prefab Maker, the text area underneath the Objects tab is very hard to read due to the dark colored lettering.

Is this suppose to be in lighter color?  Or, is there a setting that I am overlooking?

Please see the attached file of what it looks like.