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To eliminate holes in my meshes it would be nice to be able to combine edges or verticies.
In my attempt to make a pyramid on top of my cube I subdivided the 2 top triangles, deleted 2 of the resultant triangles but then was left with 2 verticies and 2 pairs of edges that I wanted to combine.

I'm not sure how important it is to have meshes closed but I like them neat.
Feedback / Feature request: Mesh Editor: Subdivide edges
September 22, 2015, 04:25:30 AM
It would be nice if edges could be divided.
I want to turn a cube into a cube with a pyramid on top. One way would be to select the edge across the top face and divide it. This would create a new vertex in the middle of the edge. If necessary it would also divide the two triangles sharing the edge, creating 2 new edges and 2 new triangles.
I could then select the new vertex and drag it away from the cube to form my pyramid.

Attached is a picture of what I want to achieve.
I have been playing with Mesh Editor on a cube. Just dragging some vertexes around, subdividing a triangle, not too much.
If I then hit Ctrl-Z (Undo) a lot my cube ends up vanishing, there are warnings in the console, and the original cube gets lots of Box Colliders. See attached screenshot.
Console says to use Undo.AddComponent instead of GameObject.AddComponent.
Unity 5.2.03f Personal. Mesh Maker 1.9.7.