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Support / Disappearing Models ?
September 12, 2014, 02:47:47 PM
Hi Im using mash maker on mac, iOS build settings, unity pro 4.5.2f1
Tried simply editing a cube into a wedge shape to make a slanted roof. Then I copied the cube detached the top so I had separate objects for the roof and walls of the wedge and put a different material on each (stone, and roof tiles)
all seemed good so far.
I can make prefabs with them, all still seems good.
But when I run the scene the meshes disappear.
The object is there, it has the materials, but the mesh is set to 'none'.
How do I fix this please ?

addendum... I can make the prefab...  but if I drag prefab back into a test scene, or look at prefab model in the inspector, the meshes are already gone. Its like the meshes are temporary and are not saved anywhere permanent. Am I missing a step in model editing to save out the meshes ?