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Support / Re: Mesh Editor navigation
April 27, 2015, 07:46:33 PM
Hi Alan,
Waouw, I understand now why you were talking about this tool.
Even if I do not have the use I guess a lot of people will have.
Besides you give us the pleasure to finally hear your voice ;-)
Thanks to have taken your time about this little bug, it is not so painfull just a habit to use the mousewheel.
As I said I am using your tools a lot these last days and I am very satisfied, I do whatever I want with my meshes and the textures inside.
In my review I compared your tools with Probuilder and then I realized that they do not do the same thing.
With Probuilder you can only use basic shapes, with your tools we can create anything, the video with the glass is a very good example.
So thanks again for your work, I hope your tools will have the success they deserve.
Cheers, Cedric
Support / Mesh Editor navigation
April 27, 2015, 02:38:43 PM
Hi Alan,
When I am using Mesh Editor the navigation has king of a multiplicator and it is very difficult to select what I want like that.
I mean when I use the wheel up I make a huge step forward instead of a little one, very frustrating.
Is there a way to correct that?
Thanks for your work and Regards, Cizia